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Boat Storage

Solutions to Store Your Boat in Kelowna During the Winter

Cruising the waves on the open water is a liberating experience as you connect with the breeze and scenic views of Canada’s natural waterscape. During the warmer months, you might be on your boat every weekend to enjoy the clear waters and even a colorful, romantic sunset with a loved one. However, once the cold air moves in, it’s time to take your boat off the water and store it in a safe place. Spacious Storage on Ellis has the perfect solution for your boat storage needs in Kelowna. While our facility does not store boats, we partner with our sister company Flagship Marine to provide reliable options for boat owners in the area. They are a boat storage facility staffed by experts in various types of boats and how to keep them safely tucked away; and their location is right next door to ours.

Store your boat at Spacious Storage's sister company next door; Flagship Marine

Let Flagship Marine take care of your vessel when you pull it out of the water for the season. Their long-term storage solutions ensure it stays safe while you wait for the comfortable springtime temperatures to return. Don’t hesitate to ask us questions about storing your boat or any other items. We welcome the opportunity to help you find the perfect storage space for your valuable possessions.

Affordable Storage Options When You’re Not on the Water

Flagship Marine has been operating for over 30 years as an exceptional service provider, helping customers find boats they love and store them during the off-season months. Spacious Storage on Ellis is proud to partner with them to give our customers a reliable and affordable option for their own winter boat storage needs. Flagship Marine has its boat storage facility right by our location in the heart of the downtown area, so finding it is easy.

Affordable Storage Options When You’re Not on the Water - Flagship Marine
  • Location & Services

    Flagship Marine is situated a few blocks away from the city’s most popular boat launches and make vessel storage as convenient as possible without compromising on the safety of your boat. You can choose between inside their facility or outside in their yard, and they can winterize and service your boat before storing it so that it’s in peak condition when you take it out on the water again.

  • Rates & Access

    Flagship offers month-to-month or annual (12 months) rates with reasonable pricing on indoor racked or floor storage and outdoor yard parking. They have a blocking fee for customers who choose that service.

Reasons to Rent Boat Storage at Flagship Marine

Spacious Storage on Ellis recommends storing your boat at Flagship Marine for many reasons. Whether you desire a process with as little hassle as possible or competitive rates on indoor and outdoor storage options, their facility is a premium choice located close to the downtown area’s preferred boat launch. We have described some of the compelling reasons to go to our partner and neighbour Flagship Marine for boat storage:

Peace of Mind

This facility is kept secure year-round, ensuring your boat stays safe and protected from vandals, thieves, and many other threats to its condition and welfare.

Save Space at Home

Instead of using your garage or taking up a large portion of your backyard or driveway to park your boat, you can store it on a month-to-month or annual basis and easily take it a few blocks to launch it in the water.


Flagship Marine keeps customer-friendly hours to ensure you can park store and access your boat by giving short notice to our staff to retrieve your boat when your ready to take it out on the water.


Our neighbouring boat storage facility has affordable rates that may save you money while your boat stays safe in its secure indoor or outdoor space.

Ease of Use

With their convenient location downtown, they keep boat drop-off simple and straightforward. If you don’t want to tow your boat to their location, their boat valet/hauling service will pick it up and bring it to their facility. All you have to decide is where they should put it.

Convenient Downtown Kelowna Boat Storage at Flagship Marine

Why Choose Us for Kelowna Boat Storage?

Spacious Storage on Ellis understands the concerns our customers have about storing their possessions, including boats. Like our partner Flagship Marine, we make storage convenient, affordable, and secure. We are also the only storage facility in the downtown area, and Flagship Marine’s location is a short and easy drive from the city’s most popular boat launch. When you come to us with your storage needs, we can help you choose a storage unit size that fits your possessions and meets your budgetary needs. Don't worry about long-term commitment, either, because we have leasing options for every storage customer.

Contact Spacious Storage on Ellis for Service

Whether you have a boat that needs safe, long-term storage for the winter or furniture that’s taking up space in your garage or attic, Spacious Storage on Ellis has affordable solutions for you. Contact us today to take advantage of our outstanding storage services.

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