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Vehicle Storage

Long-Term Storage Solutions for Your Vehicles

A vehicle of any type is a long-term investment you want to keep safe and in top condition year-round. Whether you own a cherished car passed down from your grandfather or a snowmobile that needs storage during the warmer months, Spacious Storage on Ellis has vehicle storage solutions for Kelowna residents. We cater to customers who need to store their vehicles long-term, including trailers and snowmobiles. You might have a classic convertible that must stay protected from winter weather, or you have nowhere to put your snowmobile after the snow and ice melt and disappear for the warmer months.

Long-Term Storage Solutions for Your Vehicles at Spacious Storage on Ellis

Whatever type of vehicle you have, our storage facility services feature indoor and outdoor options to ensure your prized possessions stay safe and secure. We keep storage affordable and convenient to commercial and residential customers without compromising protection against the weather, intruders, and other threats. Our storage units include barrel locks, which are much more secure than padlocks, and our facility is kept clean and well-lit to make your visits as pleasant and safe as possible.

Factors to Consider for Safe & Convenient Vehicle Storage

Finding a vehicle storage facility for your valuable car, trailer, or snowmobile means doing your research on various factors. Storage space should be safe to leave your vehicle, protected from rain, snow, and other damaging elements. You also need a provider with affordable rates on long-term storage without sacrificing service quality. Spacious Storage on Ellis provides all these benefits and more to customers, and we will help you determine how much space you need in your unit. We encourage you to consider other factors, such as the following:

Convenient Vehicle Storage at Spacious Kelowna
  • Security

    Protecting your vehicle from vandals, thieves, and other intruders is an essential factor when choosing a storage facility. Our facility is fully fenced and gated, along with security intrusion alarms and video surveillance for the ultimate protection.

  • Store All Types of Vehicles

    Spacious Storage on Ellis caters to all types of vehicles, from classic cars and hand-me-down motorcycles to recreational vehicles (RVs) and trailers. Your choice in vehicle storage may depend on its size and your exposure preferences.

  • Indoor Heated Storage

    Keeping your vehicle inside prevents exposure to intense heat or cold, rain, snow, and ice. You get total coverage with an indoor storage option.

  • Outdoor Storage

    If you are not worried about the weather but still want a secure place to store your vehicle, we have outdoor storage within our fenced and gated facility.

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Long-Term Storage

Before you leave your vehicle at Spacious Storage on Ellis, you must prepare it for long-term storage. Your needs may depend on whether you choose indoor or outdoor vehicle storage. Consider the following tips to keep your car, RV, or another vehicle type in top condition:

Clean Before Storing

Wash your car well to get rid of dirt, sap, salt, and bird droppings, and apply a fresh coat of wax. Clean the inside and vacuum any crumbs and other edible items.

Get a Car Cover

If your vehicle is uncovered when you store it, a car cover protects your interior and finish from the sun.

Disconnect Your Battery

Nothing in your car can drain the battery if you disconnect it before storing it. We recommend taking your battery home and putting it on a charger if possible.

Winterize Your RV and Turn Off Propane

Turn off all stove valves in your RV and remove the propane tank. Clean and drain your waste tanks and blow out your water lines using compressed air to keep your lines from freezing. We recommend adding RV-specific antifreeze to your drains.

Protect Your Tires

Prevent flat spots on your tires by putting your vehicle on jack stands to unload the tires. Flat spots can make driving your vehicle unsafe.

Friendly staff to help you find vehicle storage at Spacious Storage On Ellis

Why Choose Vehicle Storage at Spacious Storage on Ellis?

If you value cost-effective solutions to store your vehicle securely, Spacious Storage on Ellis is an ideal choice for many reasons. We prioritize safety with a clean and well-lit facility, and our security spans from sturdy fencing to high-definition surveillance. There are many storage facilities around the city, but we are the only one in the downtown area. The reasons to choose us as your vehicle storage facility add up to an exceptional customer experience, and we keep our services affordable so that anyone can enjoy them.

Store Your Car, Trailer, or Snowmobile in Kelowna

Come to Spacious Storage on Ellis to take advantage of our many benefits for long-term vehicle storage. We have indoor and outdoor storage options to suit your needs, all of which provide a secure space for your car, trailer, RV, or snowmobile. Contact us today to use any of our services.

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