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Climate-Controlled Storage

Keep Your Valuable Possessions in a Controlled Environment

Spacious Storage on Ellis offers our customers many benefits to commercial and residential storage, including outstanding security measures and convenient access hours. We specialize in storage services for all types of possessions, from furniture and office equipment to cars, trailers, and recreational vehicles (RVs). While many of these items only need basic protection from weather and intruders, many items are sensitive to elements like heat, cold, and moisture. We have an excellent solution for items like these with our climate-controlled storage in Kelowna.

A Secure Facility to Store Your Valuable Business Items

Our concern is keeping your possessions in top condition and preventing damage like mildew, cracks, and spoiled spirits related to temperature and humidity. Climate-controlled storage units are a cost-effective way to keep your sensitive possessions safe against theft and damage.

Spacious Storage on Ellis Office provides climate controlled storage for variations in outside temperature to not affect your posessions

What Is Climate-Controlled Storage?

Instead of exposing your collectibles and valuable items to the extreme temperature variations outside, Spacious Storage on Ellis lets you safeguard your possessions in an enclosed space. A climate-controlled storage unit would indicate that a facility controls the interior temperature to stay within a certain range, protecting the stored items from radical heat or cold fluctuations. The specific temperature may vary depending on the outdoor climate and what is an acceptable range, but a summer heatwave or winter cold spell will not affect the condition of items inside the storage units.

What Are the Benefits of Climate Control?

Climate control provides a comfortable temperature for customers when they visit while protecting their possessions. The benefits of maintaining a milder temperature range inside these units help control other factors like humidity and minimize the chances of mold and mildew growth, heat-damaged materials, and other issues. We’ve described some of the most common benefits compelling customers to choose a climate-controlled unit:

Climate control provides a comfortable temperature for storage solutions at Spacious Kelowna
  • Temperature and Humidity Protection

    A non-regulated environment leaves your items susceptible to extreme temperature changes and any subsequent damage. We prevent this dangerous situation by controlling the climate and reducing the effects of heat, cold, and humidity variances.

  • Prevents Costly Damage to Your Belongings

    Save money by not having to repair or replace your stored items. Climate control prevents issues like warping, cracking, fabric yellowing or degrading, pests, mold, mildew, and much more.

  • Better Air Flow

    The ventilation system regulating our units’ temperature continuously moves the air and keeps it from sitting and getting stale and riddled with dust, bacteria, and other contaminants. Cleaner air is better for your possessions and healthier for you when you visit.

  • Personal Comfort and Peace of Mind

    While your items stay safe inside your unit, you enjoy a pleasant environment whenever you visit it. Most climate-controlled units are located inside a facility, so you get another layer of safety and privacy.

Types of Items that Need Climate Control

Many materials in our favourite items are vulnerable to heat and cold and insects, humidity, and growths like mold and mildew. These elements can damage or destroy your possessions, including those with financial value and a special place in your heart. Items made with paper, wood, cardboard, or various types of fabric do not fare well with humidity fluctuations. If an environment is too dry or humid, it can irreversibly ruin the material. Components in computers, televisions, stereos, and other electronics can suffer damage from extreme temperature variances, rendering the items useless. Here are some of the many types of items that need a climate-controlled storage unit:

Temperature controlled storage for furniture

Couches, dressers, and any other furniture made from wood are highly susceptible to damage from moisture. The same goes for metal, wicker, leather, and upholstery-based materials.

Temperature controlled storage for electronics

Any electronic device – from old analog equipment such as turntables to flat-screen TVs – should be stored at a consistent temperature to avoid damage.

Temperature controlled storage for Media units

DVDs, videos, and vinyl records are all endangered by high heat. You should never store vinyl records in a hot climate because the heat will warp the records. The same goes for other media.

Temperature controlled storage for Clothing

Lace and leather are two perfect examples of clothing materials that do not do well in a non-climate-controlled environment. Keeping clothing items stored-properly will extend the life of these items.

Temperature controlled storage for Artwork

Paintings – especially those done on canvas – are one of a kind. Climate-controlled storage will keep your most prized artwork safe from warping and heat damage.

Temperature controlled storage for Antiques

Just as with artwork, antiques are unique. Treat them the right way by preventing irreparable damage from high or low temperatures.

Store your valuables in temperature controlled storage at Spacious Kelowna

Preparing for Climate-Controlled Storage

Preparing your items for storage in a climate-controlled environment takes planning. We suggest getting your packing materials and possessions properly organized using the following summarized steps:

1. Figure Out Which Items You Are Storing

Make a list of the items you wish to store and categorize them into groups. Make sure you measure everything to utilize your storage space efficiently. We can help determine the right unit size and what fits.

2. Organize the Items

Get boxes, containers, and packing materials ready and label every box and container so that you know where to look for items whenever you visit your unit.

3. Pack Items with Intention

Once you know which items go into what box or container, pack like items together with as little wiggle room as possible. Use newspaper or bubble wrap to provide a protective layer for delicate belongings and place nuts, bolts, and other little pieces in small baggies.

Choose Spacious Storage on Ellis in Kelowna

Customers choose Spacious Storage on Ellis for many reasons, from our exceptional security and convenient access hours to a wide variety of storage unit sizes at affordable rates. Our clean and well-lit facility is perfect for a broad range of storage needs, and climate-controlled storage is an excellent option for your valued and sensitive items. Contact us today to learn more about our storage services and arrange a unit.

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